Rapper/Actor  Common sits down with popular blog Bossip.com to talk about whats going in his life….

How did you get yourself ready for your role in the movie “Just Wright”?

Common: One of my friends that plays in the NBA, Barron Davis, I just went and talk to him not only about the NBA but also what made him start playing basketball. Then I would just be around him and look at his lifestyle and talk to him about all of the thoughts and experiences he had. Then I got to talk to D. Wade and a couple of other cats that play in the league.

Everyday, I would train with the assistant coach from the New Jersey Nets and at the time I was filming the movie “Date Night”. So during the day, I would do whatever physical training and whatever preparation for my character. Just staying focus and trying to eat healthy… It was like a training camp, a boot camp but I loved it though.

Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and later on found out that they were there only because of your success?

Common: I haven’t been in a relationship where I felt that this person was there because of who I was because I feel like I got a good intuition and a good street sense about me… Of course, I ain’t mad if a woman wants a guy that’s doing something and if a woman admires my work, I respect that … I want to be with a woman that’s doing something too, that has a certain vision for herself. Whether she’s achieved that or not, as long as the vision is there.

How can you tell when a woman is genuine or after something?

Common: I listen to the conversation. I look people in their eyes and talk to them and you kind of feel their angle… You know when people want something. If it’s just a cool conversation of wanting to get to know somebody then it’s different but you can tell by the questions and the energy if they are deciteful spirit about them… I’m not going to let you take advantage of me. You can spit all the game you want and you can flirt but I got to know my [own] boundaries.

What kind of game or lines did you spit to holla at Serena?

Common: The tennis game, the game of love * laughing * …. I don’t have lines to be honest. I always felt like just being honest and being true to who you are, that’s the only way I could win in life. Whether it was music, relating to people and that’s what I want. That’s really what this movie [Just Wright] was about. This character, Scott McKnight, he was into finding love and definitely wanted love. He thought he could get it in Paula Patton’s character but then he discovered, a certain type of love that brought something else out of him. He knew that that person was a good person for him and he didn’t have to think to hard about love.

This is your 1st time starring in a movie, How do you feel about that?

Common: I feel very grateful that I have the opportunity to start in my first leading role with somebody as incredible as [Queen] Latifah. Just her spirit, her beauty, everything and her support. For me, my goal and vision is to be a leading man in films. Ever since I started acting, I started believing I could be a leading man in films. I would lead action films, dramas… I never knew I would dive into comedies… Blockbuster type films.

Do you feel that your acting will affect you music career?

Common: Chris Rock said to me, “Anytime a rapper gets into a movie, his raps go down after that.” I didn’t think about it in that way but in some cases that has happen. You know, you’re giving so much energy towards different things but I don’t feel I will allow my art to go down… I have a passion for rapping, I love it and I’m real critical about it… I like the fact that I’m acting because I’m freer to write songs. I don’t have as much pressure because rap is not my only way of making a living…

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