Here are a bunch of new albums being released this month in April… check out the releases from these newcomers and veterans.

B.o.B. – The Adventures of Bobby Ray

It’s been a long time coming, but B.O.B. is finally ready to show and prove. If his mixtapes and live shows are anything to go by, this kid could very well be on his way to being the heir apparent to Cee-Lo’s crown. Keep an eye on this multi-talented up and comer.

Too $hort – Still Blowing

Too $hort is like that uncle that commands respects in the family despite being a relentless alcoholic. Every year, you think he’s going to quit drinking but he’s first to pick up the bottle at Thanksgiving and won’t stop until he’s wasted. Soon, his fun stories start coming out all jumbled and slurred. Yet, you can’t help but listen.

Little Brother – Leftback

After all the Twitter drama between 9th and Phonte, it’s nice to shift the focus back to music. Leftback is the first LB album without a single contribution from 9th. To borrow a quote from The Boondocks, “statistically, the group was bound to fail anyway.”

Murs & 9th Wonder – ForNever

Well, we know that one person 9th Wonder still enjoys working with (aside from Buckshot) is west coast Rastafarian Murs. With the release of the badly titled ForNever, the duo now has 4 albums under its belt. Interestingly, that’s more than 9th gave LB. Hey, I’m just saying.

Kurupt – Street Lights

I don’t know Kurupt personally, but I’m happy for him that he’s lasted 75 years in this revolving door of an industry. Street Lights will feature all the familiar faces: Snoop, Daz, and producer extraordinaire DJ Quik.

Cypress Hill – Rise

I have to say, I’m surprised to see that people are genuinely excited about Cypress Hill’s comeback. It’s a credit to the group’s legacy that folks are still paying attention after two decades. You hear that, Drake? Strive for a lasting legacy and you’ll be fine.