Supra is bringing a new material makeup of their biggest hits to your favorite retailer this month with their “Summer Injection.” We’ve seen the Tie-Dye Bullets before, which just hit shelves, but the remainder of these shoes haven’t yet been previewed.

The Thunders and TK Society rely on all nylon builds. The black uppers show a chain link fence-style design in that nylon. Green accents helps= at strategic points, including the stripes on the white vulcanized soles and the liners. The same nylon is put to work in the Skytop IIs, and black leather works its way in on the midfoot, ankle and toe. Metallic gold leather, which we’ve seen on the TK a number of times, also can be seen on the ankle and quarter panels. These are arriving at your local Supra dealer in the near future now, so be on the lookout.