Hot on the heels of their previous racer, Pure, comes an action packed thrill ride of a racer from developer Blackrock. If for even a second you are thinking of this as your standard fare of racing, think again, Split/Second manages to add a degree of excitement to it’s core racing mechanics that have not been even attempted by any of it’s predecessors of the racing genre.

In Blackrock’s new brain child, players are thrown head first into a reality show that has it’s theme wrapped around racing and destruction. Your standard racing expectations are contained in this packaged mayhem, drifting, drafting, crashing and even the occasional spinout will be experienced. An exhilarating online component compliments the package and helps to give the consumer even more bang for the buck in this already thrill packed racer.  However, what sets Split/Second aside from the rest of the pack are it’s split second timing events that can change the outcome of any race.

Split/Second events are triggered by the driver, below each vehicle lies the heads up display which acts as a event “barometer” of sorts. The display is filled during races by drifting, drafting off of other vehicles and achieving air time.  Upon filling the event meter, drivers can trigger level 1 (smaller) events or allow the meter to accumulate to level 2 events which ars so monumental in scale that the entire track course can be altered.

In all, Split/Second is an edge of your seat racer that pleases in more ways than one. Fans of action titles and racing alike should not allow this genre defining racer to pass them by without giving it a look.


High Octane, Action Packed Racing

Multiplayer Online

Rewarding Single Player Mode

Tight Controls



Unbalanced AI during single player racing events.

Check the video link for the full video review and gameplay clips.