Round 1, Fight! The sound of the hadokens, tiger upper cuts and sonic booms are  back but this time it will not be in the setting of a smoke filled arcade hall.

It will be in the comfort of your living room with your high definition set and home theater system powered up for nostalgia reborn. Capcom’s Street Fighter series has long been the staple by which all fighters are defined and with the release of Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has raised that bar to even greater heights. Fans old and new will find great appreciation in this revamped addition to the long running Street Fighter Legacy.

Super Street Fighter IV sports a hefty and robust list of fighters with characters of the main series returning along with some throw back additions from the Alpha series, Street Fighter 3, Super Street Fighter II and a few brand new additions such as Guy and Cody from the Final Fight series. Fear not, the lengthy list of competitors are backed by an even beefier lineup of modes with which to execute  “Yoga Flames. Modes include the Team Battle, Endless play and even a replay channel with which you can save and upload your favorite bouts. Prepare your arcade stick and fire up your favorite console because the original king of fighters has returned to claim it’s throne and he has brought a few friends with him. With the latest addition to the long running series Capcom has ensured to sustain their already loyal fanbase.


Robust list of fighters

$40 price tag

New Ultra Combos

Polished and Balanced Gameplay

Addictive online modes


None – This is the ultimate fighting title.