At the end of last month, BMW Asia unveiled scheme of grandeur in marketing, and is determined to spread the message of “Joy” to as many people as possible, in a manner that is as breathtaking and awe-inspiring as possible

Using the urban landscape of Singapore as backdrop, specifically, one of the country’s largest malls, Suntec City Mall, BMW created a seemingly interactive 3D building projection which invited the audience camping outdoors in the tropical night to think about joy.

Spanning across multiple buildings, projections illuminated the Suntec City Mall walls in the night, delivering the message of joy. Hands first broke down the wall virtually, and then rearranged the pieces from building to building, putting together phrases and questions that tried to explain and get people to ponder about the definition of joy. Do you think Joy is your GPS? Perhaps. Do you take Joy to work? Perhaps.

While the concept of marketing a product with a feeling to build a familial relationship with the consumer and evoke nostalgia and personal ties is not exactly spanking new, BMW does execute this on quite an impressive scale while bringing a refreshing touch to its campaign. Judging by the turn out and the fascination on the audience’s faces, the campaign seems nothing short of successful.