Wooden Chains…

What’s going on weinnow.com heads? I got a hot update for ya! While in NYC, I had a chance to do some shopping at my fav sneaker spot Wealthy Hostage. While I was picking up a few things I noticed this all black Jesus piece chain. I know being in Brooklyn this isn’t anything new but something was different about this chain it was made of (drum roll please) “WOOD”! Just when you thought the Bling era would never end hip hop comes backs to its roots and starts a new trend that’s affordable. These pieces of art run anywhere from $40-$75 retail, and get into the hundreds due to the short supply and and high demand. You can catch celebrities like Jada, Wale, Fab and even Lebron rocks
these wooden chains. I’m waiting on my Red Jesus joint to come in the mail! (PEACE)

Get yours at www.goodwoodnyc.com (Good Luck)