It has been a long time coming, but Roc Nation’s first artists J. Cole has finally released his debut video.

The video is titled “Who Dat” and has a lot of people talking. What stands out is his approach to everything, especially knowing that this song is not the typical commericial type. Here is what he explained to SOHH….


I didn’t come out with a whole bunch of jewelry, a whole bunch of light skinned girls with short shorts on. It’s a real organic feeling video. I really wish I would’ve explained more to people but you know in time people will get it. They’ll see all the imagery and all the little signs.

I just do weird stuff. Even the fact, coming out with ‘Who Dat.’ It’s not the typical song that’s going to be on the radio, it’s not the typical song that’s going to play in the clubs but that’s what it felt like”

It was like, ‘Yo, we love this idea. Let’s do it.’ Forget about the rules and what your first video is supposed to be. I’m supposed to have this amount of scenes and this amount of light skinned girls. I just like to do things my way.

The producer BBGUN also reported that the video was done in ONE take!