It doesn’t seem like a lot of people (except Ray J and other unknown female rappers) are siding with Lil Kim with her onslaught on Nicki Minaj.

Jadakiss is the most recent artist to share his opinion, basically saying Kim should not have waited so long to speak her mind…

“I think it’s kinda corny,”

“I can’t knock Kim for saying whatever she wants to say about Nicki but you could have been said it. That’s the only thing I feel. Don’t wait until she gets scorching hot to try to go at her. She’s been copying her since she came in with the big crotch photos shoots so if you want to just say something, you had to say something when she came out. It looks kinda corny like she’s trying to get a little, you know what I mean, looks like she’s trying to reap some benefits.”

“She’s the Queen Bee, that’s hands down, I think she’s just paying homage, if you follow Nicki, she’s got a little Kim in her, she’s got a little bit of everybody…I can’t really knock her for that. When you’re in this game and heating up, they want to see you go at somebody before you even get your real stripes, you gotta have your nice little battle or something significant and even y’all get involved, the media, the TV networks, to see what the outcome is so, she writes her own rhymes and she’s nice, so you know, let’s see what happens…” – (Jenny Boom Boom TV)