“A New School Player” with an “Old School Groove”! Best describes this young soul singer from a little town on the eastside of Houston called Baytown, TX. Although the population of this town is rather small the talent there is big. NBA all-star T.J Ford, Ramiro Malco (forty year old virgin star) among others calls this place home. Now there is a new star shining bright from Baytown, TX his name is Red (Justin) aka The Hook Master. Known for his soulful voice and melodic choruses this young talent is well known and respected in the greater Houston area and is becoming a legend in his own right. Red is hitting the road and making a name for him one show at a time!
When asked what he hopes to achieve in life he said with a smirk on his face “Id like to meet GOD, but not just yet, I have so much to do first. I need to make sure my family is well taken care of and I need to make some babies to carry on my legacy, ladies holla at me! -Scope

Enjoy this promo video and be on the look out for his first music video and single, dropping next week!


  1. I’m proud of you! Keep shinning and doing big things. its good to see my generation doing something!
    love ya, Holly Robinson

  2. empressmaydah

    It’s good to see somebody from da Bay doing it big this need to motivation for all them young talents we have in Baytown, keep doing your thing Red, put baytown on da map mi bwoy and keep doing wat you doing, i see u making big things happenin soon, stay bless, One Love Empress Maydah-Melinda