It looks like Lebron James has a father after all, it was just his mother that apparently that kept him away for all these years.

TMZ got details on the report and even documents stating that it was Lebron’s mother Gloria who tampered with DNA tests to cover up that he was the father 15years ago.

The lawsuit is explosive, in it, 55-year-old Leicester Bryce Stovell claims he met Gloria in a D.C. area bar in 1984 and had unprotected sex with her on the night they met. He later found out she was 15-years-old at the time, he was 29.

According to the docs filed recently in federal court, Gloria has spent the rest of her life shielding LeBron from the truth.

But the man making the claim isn’t some schmuck, he is a Princeton graduate who earned a law degree from the University of Chicago and then became a Senior Legal Advisor for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

In his lawsuit, Stovell claims he has a very clear recollection of the night he had “consensual sexual relations” with Gloria, he even remembers apologizing for his sub-par performance. She immediately left Chicago to her hometown in Ohio. She returned several months later to tell Leicester she was pregnant.

Leicester, a self-proclaimed high school star athlete says he remembers telling Gloria, “Well, if he’s mine, make sure he plays basketball.” He claims that was the last time he saw Gloria for more than 20 years.

Leicester also notes that when he saw LeBron at an NBA game he was, struck by our similarity in appearance … “James and I are nearly if not identical height and pigmentation and have very similar athletic body types.”

Leicester claims during the 2007 phone call Gloria denied ever meeting him and even threatened to have him physically harmed.

A DNA test was later forced by his lawyers, it came out negative. However, he suspected it was tampered with by both Gloria and Lebron. He believes that it is Quote:
…due to anger at perceived abandonment and conflict arising from his image as a successful fatherless child from the projects.”

Leicester is now seeking $4 million from both LeBron and his mother claiming fraud, defamation and misrepresentation.

Ps: Lebron and his so called father both share the middle name “Bryce”