The Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon collbo will be happening according to XXL. Over the weekend Kanye was on Twitter with busting it up with Justin Bieber about how much they loved each others music and for odd reason a collabo between Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Raekwon from Wu Tang Clan was mentioned. Now not only was it mentioned but they were dead serious. I really do not know what to say about this but #random. I mean do hip hop fans really wanna see this happen is the questions. I am sure fans of each artist would love this but what does the Hip Hop community has to say about this. Check below for the phone conversation Raekwon had with XXL Magazine and confirmed the collabo was actually in motion already.

“I’m honored that you like my Music @JustinBieber!!!” he wrote. “You gotta hear the album. Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon.”

“Me, u, and the chef 2gether on a song = EPIC,” Bieber responded. “Might sound crazy 2 u but even having this convo is living the dream. Thanks.”

Well, just got off the phone with Rae, and he says the song is already in the works. “It’s definitely gonna happen,” he said over the phone. “When you got these kinda talents merging together to do something exciting, I think it’s something that’s gonna make the fans check it out. I’m big fans of both of these guys. I think, at the end of the day, shorty is a sensation. And [for him] to acknowledge me it makes me feel good that the young generation is checkin’ me out like that. And at the same time it gives me a position to play a big brother in the game. He wants my assistance or whatever he can get it. I respect him, I like his style.”

“Yeezy called me and we gon’ make it pop,” he continued.. “At the end of the day we’re all doing our thing in the game and for them to even just have a conversation and just put my name in it it feels good. It feels good to respect what I do and I respect what they do. And we gon’ make a hit. Justin got his own fan base and Me and Yeezy got our own fan base and we gon’ make it happen. We gon’ make a good record.”