Many people, especially the people who live in Ohio know that their economy will take a HUGE hit now that Lebron James is no longer there.However, it is none other than Bow Wow, who is also from Ohio that is making it his personal mission to put Ohio back in the spotlight.

He recently blogged about his feelings and goals.

People always quick to say ” Bow wow never be in columbus, or i never see em” who said i have to broadcast every time i go home. When i go back to columbus which is often, i go for family. I chill out to get away from the lime light and spend time with my love ones. If your sitting at home with your homeboys what are you accomplishing? answer… NOTHING!

I’m on the road busting my a** not only for myself but for my town. Understand that i do this for ohio. I’m proud to be an ohio’n. I just want to be the walking billboard for all young males and females of ohio and all around the world that want to make it and live out a dream. I was born at Grant hospital in Columbus,ohio. Even though people don’t see me as much, its because i’m trying so hard to get us on the map!

You can’t do that by sitting at home. You have to get out here and work. Ever since Lebron left i feel like its up to me, Kid cudi, Chip the ripper and others to bring Ohio to the main stream. Ohio its our time. When Lottery Ticket drops Aug 20th in every theater across America, know that’s us. Somebody from the town made it, A kid from ohio made it to the mainstream.

I want yall to look at me and say.. “well if Bow can do it i can to” Who ever thought a boy from yall city would be filming with Tyler Perry, Forris Whitaker , etc. THATS BIG! im proud to represent OHIO. Come August 20th, we will be officially back on the map. I will step up and continue to do the things that will able us to compete with other big markets. Lets do this collectively. Together we can be on a whole nother level. Buckeye state for life. Cincy Cleveland Columbus Youngstown Toledo Dayton all over lets go chase the dream!

In case you never heard of Bow Wow’s upcoming movie titled “Lottery” here is the trailer.