An interview and analysis with Brick Squad 1017’s raucous sensation, who may be carrying the N.W.A. torch and making some of the last Gangsta Rap on a major.

Waka Flocka Flame makes Gangsta Rap. Not the current day Rap about selling drugs until I get rich and then rap exclusively about how rich I am incarnation of the genre, and certainly nothing close to the politically charged early-Ice Cube variety. Ideologically he instead leans towards the insular, purely angst driven middle period. The Efil4zaggin-style, “dedicated to the niggas that was down from day one” type of shit.

The New York-born, Georgia-bred rapper might also be the first post-lyrical artist in his subgenre. Not in sense that he doesn’t adhere to the lyrical standards of golden age yore (though he clearly doesn’t), but that his listeners themselves rarely even value his content. Waka acknowledged as much in a recent YouTube interview and created a minor scandal in the process. “I said I don’t need lyrics. That’s where everybody got it misconstrued,” he clarifies in a recent phone conversation. He then explains what does draw listeners to his music: “It’s the energy, the delivery, and the realness of the person that’s making it.”

Hahaha Waka Flocka is from New York, In your face K.Stylez