After BET Awards, due to a miscommunication, Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck was assumed and now rumored to be dead.

Raekwon made a “rest-in-peace” reference about Deck, however, people overreacted and did not fully listen to what he had to say. Here is what was said…

Yo stop the music Premier…yo rest in peace my brother from the Wu, Inspectah Deck.

The twist is that he wasn’t even finished his sentence before people started going crazy. Here is what MTV reported…

That’s when people stopped listening and started freaking out. They Tweeted things like: “Inspectah Deck died??? WTF, confused right now.”

But if those who started pouring some out would have listened a little longer, they would have heard Raekwon say. “His old earth. His mother. Ms. Jason Hunter. Mrs. Hunter, we love you. Rest in peace.”

Yes, Raekwon was talking about Inspectah Deck’s mom. See kids, this is what happen when you don’t listen.

People are still online confused and wondering if Deck actually passed away.

Moral of the story, always listen.