Nicki Minaj Dissing Lil Kim?

Cash Money hasn’t been in too many rap beefs, Birdman says that’s by design. But when it comes to Lil Kim, Stunna thinks she got what she’s been asking for, when Nicki dissed her on “Roman’s Revenge.”

Real talk, but maybe Kim asked for it. Usually we don’t try to make money like that…that’s not our theory. We make great music. We have never been the type to make songs about motherfuckas. I think Nicki is speaking in general, not just Kim personally. A lot of motherf*ckers have been hating on her success. To me, they are all asking for it. I don’t think any of them has as a talented clique as Nicki. We a movement.” Birdman recently told Vibe.

Kim isn’t backing down from the challenge. She told the crowd at a recent concert in Queens, New York that she will “erase that b*tches social security number,” referring to Nicki.

This is what hip hop is about. Battles have been a huge part of the culture since it began.

50 Cent’s dismantling of Ja Rule, Nas “Ethering” Jay-Z, KRS ONE vs MC Shan, LL Cool J vs Canibus, Ice Cube vs NWA. These battles brought the best, or worst out in these mc’s and will never be forgotten.

It would be interesting to see if Nicki has what it takes to defeat a seasoned pro like the Queen Bee.

I hope it happens.