While in court on Monday, the former American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino admitted that prior to attempting to kill herself, she had an abortion.In case you did not know, Fantasia has been dating Antwaun Cook, a married man, for 11 months.

Fantasia is facing charges from Cook’s wife, Paula, that she was responsible for the breakdown of her marriage. Here is what The Sun reported…

The singer testified that not only did she know Cook was married when she started dating him, but that she aborted their child.

Barrino had previously denied knowledge of Cook’s marital status.

Paula Cook is suing both her estranged husband and his lover, alleging the pair engaged in a year-long affair, which ended her marriage. Cook is reportedly considering suing Barrino by the Alienation of Affection law, which is only recognized in North Carolina and six other states. The law allows for an abandoned spouse to sue the party responsible for the failed marriage.

Here is the picture of the two.