A while back Irv Gotti said that Nicki Minaj reminded him of Lauryn Hill. Many believed he was crazy for the comparison.

Regardless, amidst the criticizers, Lauryn Hill is reportedly a fan. Hill’s current tour deejay, DJ Rampage, has came out to say that Hill has been a fan for a good while.

Here is what he told VIBE…
There are moments when we’re taking a break from practicing and just talking about things, and I remember this one time she mentioned hearing Nicki on the radio,” Rampage said when asked if Hill was interested in doing collaborations.

“I believe the track was ‘Roger That,’ and she started reciting some of Nicki’s lyrics and her adlibs. It was obivous to me she was feeling her stuff.”

Imagine Nicki and Lauryn on a track together.