Other than Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent, no other artists has had a big of a buzz than Drake.After his first album, there were mixed feelings as to how much he lived up to his hype. As Drake preps his second album, people are writing him off already. Here is what rapper Saigon had to say to VIBE Magazine.

And no disrespect. I love Drake, but I don’t think too many people are really anticipating his next album.

Like, you almost know what you’re gonna expect from him: the love songs, singing. He makes great music, but you never know with those guys. The thing is, Wayne is the Madonna of rap. He reinvents himself every two years, that’s why Wayne’s been around for so long. People be thinking he’s a new artist a lot. Wayne is a vet. Wayne got like 14 years in the game.

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