Exclusive: Webbie and Lil Trill explain the diverse direction of their second crew LP and how they compare to the other notable Louisiana-based Rap collective.

While Lil Boosie sits in the Dixon Correctional Institute awaiting trial for his alleged role in a murder-for-hire plot, his Baton Rouge, Louisiana-based Trill Entertainment family (Webbie, Foxx, Lil Trill, Lil Phat, Mouse, 3 Deep, Big Head, Shell, Kade and Kim McCoy) are soldering on without their impassioned leader with the recent same-day, (November 9th), release of both the crew’s first foray into film, Ghetto Stories, as well as Trill Entertainment Presents: All Or Nothing, the Trill Fam’s follow-up to their debut full-length as a collective, 2007’s “Wipe Me Down”-anchored Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival Of The Fittest.

“Everything we do, we a family, mayne,” said the stand-in front-man of the Trill Fam, 25-year-old Webbie, to HipHopDX this past Thursday, November 11th. “We don’t drop solo albums. If it’s a solo album in the store, it’s still a Trill Family album. It don’t matter if it’s just one name on [the cover]. All for one, one for all. We been doing this since we was 15, 16-years-old and we can’t stop.”

The Trill Fam might just find themselves unstoppable on the charts once the first single from All Or Nothing, “Turn The Beat Up,” beats up the clubs, or one of the more radio-friendly selections from the album like the slinky-smooth “My Baby” or the Lil Trill-helmed “#1 Girl” impacts at radio.

The Drake-ish vibe of “#1 Girl” should be well-received by the masses but might not sit well with the trunk-rattlin’ Trill Fam faithful.

“I was just doin’ me, basically,” replied the teenage Lil Trill when asked if his intent was to craft a Drizzy-esque offering. “I do all kind [sic] of music. I do a variety of music, so you gon’ hear all types of sorts of music from me. The next song you’ll probably hear [from me], you’ll probably hear a Rock song.”

Does the expansion of Trill Fam’s sound heard on “#1 Girl,” along with wholly R&B presentations on All Or Nothing from songbirds Kade and Kim McCoy, now make TF comparable in any way to the other motley crew based in their native Louisiana?

“We do our thang, and they do they thang,” replied Lil Trill when asked about the potential comparison to come of Lil Boosie’s Trill Fam to Lil Wayne’s Young Money familia. “We both do Rap music, [and] we in the same area as them so…you could say that [there are similarities]. But you know, we do our own thang.”

With their parallel music and film projects, Trill Entertainment are more likely to draw comparison to the label that came to define Louisiana Hip Hop during their ‘90s heyday, No Limit Records.

“We wanna extend our career,” explained Lil Trill of the motivation for Trill Entertainment’s current diversification. “Showing people that we can do everything. We can do R&B music. We can do Rap music. We can do movies. We can do whatever we put our mind to.”