B.o.B. is excited about his Grammy nominations. The Atlanta rapper/songwriter burst onto the scene this year with hits like “Airplanes” and “Nothing On You,” and shared his thoughts regarding his first-time going to the big show.“This is the first time and my first album release,” he told XXL. “You only have one time to release your first album and for me I would have to say that [I want to win Rap Album of the Year]. But, at the same time, going home with a Grammy–a Grammy is still a Grammy.”

The rapper hasn’t figured out what he’s going to wear, however.

“I think whatever it is, it’s definitely gonna be custom made,” he said. “It could be something Alexander McQueen. I could get G-Starr Raw to make something custom. I don’t know. It just depends if I go more the formal route or the urban route. I might do both.”

Via hiphopblog.com