Not long after announcing a truths, and wanting a G-Unit Reunion, Game is back to throwing jabs to his former friends.

If you recall, G-Unit members Yayo and Banks rejected Game’s attempt to reunite the group. Lloyd Banks also just released his album “Hunger For More 2” (HFM2) a couple of weeks ago.

Game is now asking for a refund after buying the CD.
Shout out to @lloydbanks for coming in #25 on soundscan the 1st week selling 45,188 copies with the new album. I knew u could do it champ!

Again, I’m not hating…. I’m encouraging EVERYONE to go out & cop @lloydbanks new album “SMH2” Oops, I meant “HFM2″… my bad sport”

“#firstkiss my azz then gimme my money back for that “SMH2″ album. #thingssomepeopledonthave BARS.#ifhadsuperpowers I would help em ALL”