A Porsche GTurbo 1200 has gone on sale which started its life as a GT3RS and has been revamped extensively by famous auto-tuner 9ff.

Originally bought by a German car enthusiast, the vehicle was soon handed over to Jan Fatthauer and his team at 9ff who upgraded it to 750hp. The owner was reportedly content with this set-up for three months before “getting used to the power” and realizing that his “smile was no longer always on his face”.

After lengthy discussion, 9ff managed to extract a further 100hp from the engine which once again satisfied the owner for a matter of months – four of them. Another conversation with Fatthauer followed and 9ff took a third look at the car. The end result is staggering.

It boasts 1200hp, 1100Nm of torque and has reportedly clocked 414 km/h at Papenburg making it the fastest, street-legal Porsche in the world. To put those figures in perspective, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is electronically limited to 415 km/h.