Ray J dispelled the belief that he had something to do with igniting the Lil Kim/Nicki Minaj feud. The reality show star appeared at a Lil Kim show this summer and made some comments about Lil Kim-wannabes. Some perceived the comments as a dig at Nicki Minaj.

“I’m reaching out to the whole world–to the whole hip hop community because that’s just how I felt at the time,” Ray J said. “Never once did I mention anybody. That’s what you do in hip hop, you throw it out there, you have a little friendly competition. It is what it is.”

“I like Nicki Minaj. I don’t [have her album] but my sister is like the number one Nicki Minaj fan,” he added. “I got to pay my respects to Kim and truly say after listening to a lot of the stuff Nicki has done, I’m very impressed. I’m very impressed. From how I felt in the beginning until now–night and day–I love what she’s doing and I can be a man and just say at first I was cool, it was alright then it started getting better, now its just really on point.”

via hiphopblog.com

I dont believe him…..  Dont renig now lol  ..  there was no beef before this went down …so his intent by was irrelevant  was the start of the beef …