Sway in the Morning Concert Series: Talib Kweli’s Protege K’Valentine Performs Live In-Studio


It’s no secret that the city of Chicago has an exploding hip-hop scene and K’Valentine is one example of the musical talent prevalent in the windy city. The Talib Kweli protégé stopped by the morning show to tell us all about her new album Here For A Reason, which is set to release Friday.

The Chicago-based hip-hop artist opens up to us about her upbringing and what she learned from issues that emerged in her household. She breaks down what inspired the empowering track “She.” “It’s great when you can find love and when you can find a partner, but you need to already be whole.”

K’Valentine details meeting the legendary rapper, Talib Kweli backstage after a performance and eventually signing to his label Javotti Media. On a different occasion Valentine also made her way backstage to introduce herself to the phenomenal poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou.

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