Visiting the Studio of Patrick Martinez

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: Often enlisting the help of neon lights and bold words, Patrick Martinez‘s mixed media approach reiterates cultural themes in a decided tongue-in-cheek manner. Here, we catch up with the LA-based visual artist in his new studio to further understand the concept behind his work. Martinez lets us in on his latest endeavors, producing installations that cull from various fabrics and material with the idea of destruction as an intrinsic process in creation. He also speaks […]

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 5 Preview

After a period spent revamping the publication, The Hypebeast Magazine issue 5 is now set to drop in the coming days. In a bid to entice you with what’s to come, we present this preview video that blatantly reveals who our cover feature will be. And if that’s not enough, a subtle nod towards one of the featured brand‘s past music collaboration plays as its soundtrack. Watch out for our Hypebeast Magazine Issue 5 to arrive soon at the HYPEBEAST […]

Opening the Vault for the Limited EDT x Reebok Classic Leather Mid 30th Anniversary

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: light on the weekend release of the Limited EDT x Reebok Classic Leather 30th Anniversary, we are joined by Jonning Chng, Alvin Huang, and the founder of Limited EDT, Mandeep Chopra — together forming the Jam design team. With an early exposure to limited and niche footwear via his parents’ sporting goods business, Chopra used the opportunity that was presented before him to share his love for sneakers, and at the same time, accommodate Singapore‘s […]