Waiting on the Iphone 5 … dont hold ur breath .. Iphone 4s to be released Oct 12th

I am not surprised.. wasnt expecting the 5 but i know alot of ppl were .. hence the short dip in apple stock lol .. only good news i saw for those who wanted to jump on the iphone bandwagon  “The older iPhone 4 model will now cost $99, and the iPhone 3GS will be free with a wireless contract” The new iPhone 4S’s A5 chip will be seven times faster than the old processor, Apple said today at an […]

Hydrogen Jet can go 7,258 miles without stopping

Sometimes nature does it best, which is why so many automobiles and aircrafts draw inspiration from it. William Brown’s concept for the Lockheed Stratoliner Hydrogen Jet is no different. The Stratoliner was inspired by the form of a Bar Tailed Godwit, a bird that boasts the record for longest non-stop flight at an amazing 7,258 miles!