Tony Hinchcliffe Reminisces on Working With Comedy Legends | GGN News

MERRY JANE Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe “takes it there.” And then he takes it a bit further. With his dark, edgy sense of humor, the 33-year-old from Youngstown, Ohio, has been making eyes pop and guts bust in the decade that he’s been performing and hosting on stages at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Since 2013, he’s been hosting the hilarious podcast Kill Tony, which he records live in the club’s Belly Room with both famous and select up-and-coming comedians. […]

UnSpoken Truth Radio LIVE

“Your N*gga Pass Has Expired” #UnSpokenTruth Ep: 27 – Call In 310-683-0412 .. LIVE on and Insta LIVE and periscope – Link In Bio {#FCHW} {@fchwlife} ⚡️

Chief Keef Gets Real About His Chicago Come-Up | GGN NEWS

MERRY JANE Depending on who’s talking, Keith “Chief Keef” Cozart is either a musical genius, or a dangerous thug. When the 22-year-old rapper, producer, label owner, and designer from Chicago’s South Side started gaining notoriety in 2011 on the strength of his mixtapes and singles including “I Don’t Like” and “Love Sosa,” he seemed to embrace the nihilistic violence of his troubled hometown. Even as he started a 2012 label bidding war that landed him at Interscope Records to […]

Desiigner Proves That His Unwavering Positivity Isn’t an Act, It’s a Lifestyle | GGN NEWS

MERRY JANE With his 2016 breakout hit “Panda,” Brooklyn rapper Desiigner put black-and-white bears on people’s lips more than National Geographic, Jack Hannah, PETA, and Jack Black combined. (“Panda, panda, panda, panda!” You know.) Emerging with a mumble-licious, sing-songy trap vibe, Sidney Royel Selby III had listeners unpacking his lyrics and loving the rah-rah energy of his music and live performances. Kanye West, his most famous fan, signed him to GOOD Music in Feb. 2016 and featured him on […]

The End OF HotDamniRock

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Turkey Day Turn Up! The Best of GGN Thanksgiving | GGN NEWS

MERRY JANE Tomorrow’s the big day. The one glorious Thursday of every year when we as a society collectively agree to trade a regular old work day for afternoon football, skip breakfast in favor of a seven hour late lunch, start drinking at noon and smoke as much weed as humanly possible. Needless to say, there’s plenty to be thankful for. On this very special Turkey Day episode of GGN, we’re taking the time to be gracious for Uncle […]

UnSpoken Truth AFTER DARK

UnSpoken Truth: Less than 30mins – 310-683-0412 “Holding Ourselves Accountable” – LIVE on and insta LIVE – {#FCHW} {@JayjTheDJ} {@fchwlife} ⚡️

UnSpoken Truth LIVE SOON

UnSpoken Truth: Less than 30mins – 310-683-0412 “Holding Ourselves Accountable” – LIVE on and insta LIVE – {#FCHW} {@JayjTheDJ} {@fchwlife} ⚡️

“Mr. LA” RJ Gets His Mind Blown By Uncle Snoop | GGN NEWS [PREVIEW]

MERRY JANE Los Angeles rapper RJ is up next. Pushing the new Cali sound alongside fellow Southlanders DJ Mustard and YG, the melodic wordsmith’s name is growing heavier by the day. Setting the Golden State on fire with his OMMIO mixtape series, the 33 year-old emcee released three projects in four years on his way up the rap game’s vaunted ladder. His latest project, Mr. LA, is RJ’s first major album, and can be found now on your favorite […]

Young M.A’s From the East and Uncle Snoop’s From the West | GGN NEWS [FULL EPISODE]

MERRY JANE Katorah “Young M.A.” Marrero is nothing if not true to herself. In 2016, after a couple years building buzz online, the 25-year-old Brooklyn hardcore rapper broke out with “Ooouuu,” an official debut single that, despite its catchy and playful refrain, was unapologetically gritty New York and openly acknowledged that she’s a lesbian. While sticking to a potentially abrasive regional aesthetic in 2017 is kind of a big deal, it’s the latter point, and the overwhelming love that […]