REVIEW: T.I. No Mercy

Where does T.I. find himself in 2010 – hungry or complacent? Arguments could be made for either side.T.I. has made a career of excelling when chips are down – and also of getting complacent when he’s at the top. Improving on every album leading up to 2004’s Urban Legend, the self-proclaimed “King of the South,” still wasn’t satisfied despite breaking through to the public consciousness.

T.I Blames Drug Habit On DENTIST!!!

Drug dependence is a serious thing among celebrities. Many are either being incarcerated or as in cases like Michael Jackson or Anna Nicole Smith, died. T.I. is one of the more popular celebrities who is falling victim to this vicious cycle. However, during a recent interview with VIBE Magazine, he explained that his addiction can be traced back to his dentist.